No one ever watched 101 Dalmatians and fell in love with Cruella, did they?


She is the bad guy, the one that kills animals for no other purpose than to wear them.. How did we change so much? 

We are born angels and grow up to be demons… Why? Because of fashion, society and social position. 

How did we go so wrong. 

The human race has to stop and think about the actions they are carrying out. THINK.
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Do you know where Milk comes from? Is it as good as you were told when you were a kid?

Today I want to talk to you about


cheese pic.jpg

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and I found out that she didn’t really know how the milk she bought at the supermarket came to be.

I was in shock, but then I realised that media dictates what we know and so does history. However we evolve and learn new things every day.

We have grown up all our lives being told that milk is good for us; that it provides us with calcium to make our bones strong and grow.

However new studies show that the calcium absorbed from animal products isn’t as efficient as plant-based sources.

Animal milk is actually linked to many health problems that can harm YOU, such as: 

  • Osteoporosis: that is the weakening of the bones, fractures and holes within. A study conducted in Sweden proved that women who consumed a lot of milk had a high tendency of fractures compared o the ones that consumed little or none.
  • Cancer: studies have proven that dairy milk increases the chance of cancer, especially prostate and ovarian cancer.
  • Acne: Consumption of milk is also proven to increase the prevalence of acne.
  • Cholesterol: 1 single glass of milk contains 24mg of cholesterol – which increases heart problems.
  • Antibiotic resistance: cows now a days are filled with different medications that do not harm humans if consumed. However this does reduce the effectiveness the medication will have on you if you ever need it as your immune system might have gotten used to the treatment.
  • Fats: 1 glass of milk contains 20% fat of your daily allowance.

A study proved that 12,000 kids were found to gain more weight the more milk they drank.

Surprisingly I found out that skim and 1% milk is more fattening than whole or 2% milk.


Also, Milk doesn’t only harm us, but also our home:

Due to the vast amounts of cows we produce and keep the more environmental problems we face.

  • Did you know that agriculture is responsible for more pollution than cars, planes and all transport all put together?
  • Cattle are the most to blame for global worming– they are responsible for 18% of green house gases.
  • Livestock and their by products are responsible for 51% of worldwide green house gas emissions.
  • Not just that but Cattle produce a lot of ammonia in their urine that is one of the main causes of acid rain.
  • Cows also produce 150 BILLION GALLONS of methane a Day!
  • Did you know that Methane is 25-100 x more destructive than CO2? – Which is the most known green house gas.
  • Livestock is also responsible for 65% of the Nitrous Oxide we produce – and did you know that Nitrous oxide stays in the atmosphere for over 150 years!!!
  • Just by Producing animal’s feed, producing the meat and transporting it – this produces 9% of CO2 that contributes to the green house gases.
  • The Majority of deforestation is also due to this. As we need land for them to live and for us to grow food for them.
  • Not just that but To produce milk, Cows require large amounts of fresh drinkable water – they need 990 L of water to produce 1 single L of Milk.

We currently live in a world that is not sustainable and that is overpopulated.

It is estimated that by 2050 there will be 9.5 billion people in this world that only means agriculture will increase if we continue this way. If we do not stop the emissions are estimated to increase by 80%.

eating our world.jpg


So know that I have given you some facts to prove to you WHY WE SHOULDN’T CONSUME MILK, now I’m going to tell you the INHUMANE reason. The why I even decided to tell you this, the how milk comes to be what we buy at the shop…

  • 1st. A beautiful cow is RAPED.
  • 2nd. Unwillingly she is then pregnant.
  • For 274 days she feels her baby growing inside of her, no matter how bad she felt when she got pregnant now she feels a blessing inside of her.
  • 274 days later, her baby was born. A beautiful baby girl and it was love at first sight!

cow and calf 2.jpg

  • Finally she thinks maybe this will change things for me – but all of a sudden a couple days later, that MAN comes to see her.
  • The MAN comes and TAKES her baby. SO not only is she raped but also a part of her is stolen forever.
  • Not only is her world turned upside down again but now she is being PLUGED INTO MACHINES!!!!! And the nutrients she made for HER baby to grow are now being pumped out of her to feed YOU.
  • For days they both cry for each other, she can faintly hear her baby in the far distance along with many other baby’s from other fellow mothers that are in the same situation that she is in. Until one day she doesn’t hear her any more.
  • Once they have drained her dry – They rape her again.
  • These machines she is plugged into not only drain her, but also cause her MASTITIS.

– Mastitis is the inflammation of the udders, that causes pain, inflammation, fever and uncomfort. (Imagine someone sticking a finger in your wound constantly; you wouldn’t like it would you?)


  • It all happens again for an average of 5-8 years tops till she is too used and wasted, so they dispose of her and she end up in your plate. – However usually in processed food as the meat isn’t as fresh and tender!

The life expectancy of a cow in the wild is of: 18 – 25 years!!

They’re life is literally hell in industrial production system.

The fact is a cow has to have a baby to be able to produce milk. The same as you and every other mammal does. However their baby is then taken away so that WE can consume they’re milk.

human drinking milk.png

And now what I want to know is where will that leave us? Are we really going to be that closed minded and stuck to our old ways to realise that what we once saw as good and as the norm; we now know to be bad.

were all in this together.jpg

The reality is we are killing our planet. We see it happening but we don’t want to see it. It’s a fact, accept it and start acting and changing for the better.

This is OUR HOME we are talking about, and the home to many other beautiful species.

So lets stop being selfish and start making wise decisions that don’t just benefit ourselves.

Its time to evolve and change for the better of everyone!


I will tomorrow be talking about this on MARBELLA NOW for RTV MARBELLA!


Mis dificultades de aprendizaje. Dislexia. La solucion existe – las lentes Chromagen me salvaron la vida!

dislexia-daltonismo-asley Yo con 9 años, empezando con Chromagen.

Desde que puedo recordar, la escuela no ha sido fácil para mí; sin embargo siempre me ha gustado porque me encanta aprender y socializar.

El colegio siempre ha sido mucho más difícil para mí. Cuando mis amigos habían terminado con sus tareas a la edad de 5 o más joven (tareas fáciles y básicas), yo todavía estaba luchando para entender y yo no me permitía salir hasta que lo terminara. Me sentaba allí durante horas y mis padres me ayudaban, tenia profesores adicionales hasta que yo lo consiguiera entender. Mis padres me insistían muchas veces que dejar de trabajar, que saliera a jugar o a la cama.. Sin embargo yo nunca me rendía hasta que yo lo había hecho y entendido.

Yo pensaba que era muy lista. Por eso yo no podía dejarme a mi misma no hacer las tareas, porque sino ante mis ojos, era tonta. Intente de todo… Probé gafas, probé ir a clases y cursos que me entrenaban la vista y hacia un montón de cosas distintas. Para ello me sacaban de clase a veces o lo hacía después del cole. Pero me mataba por dentro, yo no entendía como otros podían y yo no. Entonces llegue a la conclusión de que yo tonta, esa era la única explicación que pude encontrar…

Los profesores le dirían a mis padres que yo era vaga, que no hacia mis tareas porque no quería, que me despistaba o leía mal a posta para ofenderles, incluso cuestionaban como estábamos en casa.

Mis padres no sabían que hacer pero sabían que el colegio no estaba en lo cierto ya que me veían siempre estudiar y matarme para hacerlo. Doy gracias por tener los mejores padres que siempre me creyeron a mí y me defendieron. Mis padres me llevaron a hacer un test de inteligencia a los 6 años y salió que tenía un resultado de más de 120 que es mucho más alto de mucha gente pero al tener dos idiomas perfectos a esa edad, mi resultado entonces equivalía a más de 140 resultado de inteligencia. Básicamente significaba que el colegio había estado equivocado y que yo era más inteligente que muchos de mis profesores.

La primera vez que leí algo fue una camiseta que llevaba yo puesta y la pude leer en el espejo como si hubiera estado leyendo toda mi vida. De ahí mis padres se dieron cuenta de que había algo más y de ahí nos enteramos que yo era Disléxica.

Cuando nos enteramos de eso la verdad es que tenía sentido porque yo: Re-leía las frases, invertía las letras, tenía muy mala coordinación, estaba en mi burbuja  y la gente le solía preguntar a mi madre que si yo estaba enfadada o algo… Aun así yo era muy social y una niña muy feliz solo que mucho mas reservada con desconocidos.

Yo me pase toda mi infancia con profesores extra escolares, yendo a cursos de llave de don y de todo… Pero nada me ayudaba.

Un día mi abuelo estaba leyendo el periódico Ingles en Marbella cuando leyó un artículo sobre unas gafas de colores que estaban diseñadas para gente daltónica pero se habían descubierto útiles para la dislexia también. Yo ya me había dado por vencida, empezaba a no querer ir al colegio… Pero mis padres insistieron y cogimos el primer avión a Inglaterra para que probáramos las gafas.

Cuando encontré mi combinación y probé las gafas por primera vez, mi mundo cambio inmediatamente. Las quería ya. No quería seguir viendo sin ellas.

Mis palabras para explicárselo a m madre fueron: ‘mama, las letras se han pegado al papel. Mi madre no entendía, y la explique que antes las letras estaban en el recreo, pero cuando me ponía las gafas se sentaban en clase a prestar atención. Mi madre se quedo alucinando y me pregunto porque no se lo había dicho antes… La conteste, que no se lo había dicho antes porque yo no sabía la diferencia, yo no sabía que eso no era normal hasta que vi como el resto ve.

Mi vida re-empezó en ese momento!

Me di cuenta que deberás no era tonta, que toda mis dificultades previas tenían una explicación. Volví a creer en mí, a confiar en mí.

Yo no podía volver a casa con un milagro y dejar a tantos otros con dificultades como yo sin ayudarles. Le dije a mi madre que tenía que traer estas gafas a España y ayudar a niños como yo a dejar de sufrir. Mi madre es increíble y lo hizo! De momento ha conseguido que Chromagen esté en más de 100 ópticos por España. Y estoy tan orgullosa de ella.

Con mis Chromagen, yo aun necesitaba ayuda. No es que de la noche a la mañana ya no tenía problemas. Aun tenía un par de clases extraescolares pero igual que el resto no me pasaba toda la tarde intenta completar una tarea. En vez tardaba lo normal, podía tener una vida, ser normal, y lo más importante – volver a confiar en mí.

Con Chromagen, a los 9 años empecé a leer, empecé a jugar a deportes, no me tropezaba con mis propias piernas, empecé a saltar con mi caballo que yo antes no hacia porque no podía coordinar las distancias y me daba mucho miedo. Empecé a vivir. Salí de mi burbuja y continúe con mis estudios.

Ahora a la edad de 22, me acabo de graduar de la universidad haciendo un Licenciado de Honores en Ciencias animales especializado en animales zoológicos y de compañía. En mi disertación saque la mejor nota ya que escogí un tema muy original que nadie había hecho nadie antes. El tema era: Comparar la inteligencia de cerdos de distintas edades y sexos para medir si había alguna diferencia.  BBC Essex me entrevistó y ‘The Pig World – UK’ publico mi artículo en su revista.

Estoy muy orgullosa por todo lo que he conseguido gracias a mi persistencia y la ayuda de Chromagen. No sé donde estaría yo hoy sin ellas. No creo que hubiera llegado ni a bachillerato para decirte la verdad. Estoy muy orgullosa de decir que gracias a mis gafas he conseguido hacer todo lo que he querido. Aunque ya no necesite mis gafas siempre aun así me las pongo para todo lo importante como para conducir, estudia y mis exámenes porque me siento más ON, mas alerta y concentrada.

Estoy tan feliz de que mis padres siempre estuvieron a mi lado y me creyeron siempre. Sé que para algunos es difícil especialmente cuando el resto del mundo te dice lo contrario de lo que te dicen tus hijos. Pero si hay algo en lo que creo es en estas gafas que no solo me dieron la vida a mí pero a muchos otros.

Mi hermano fue un cambio increíble. El era muy hiperactivo y el colegio les dijo a mis padres que había que drogarle. Mis padres se negaron y nos sacaron de aquel colegio inmediatamente. Un par de años después encontramos las gafas y probamos con él a ver si servían. Cuando encontró su combinación dijo que antes para él era como mirar una bombilla y por eso se movía siempre porque si no le dolía. El cambio de combinación 3 veces ya que sus ojos se fueron regulando y adaptando hasta que ya no las necesita más. Si le ves ahora y le conoces jamás dirías que es hiperactivo. Jamás se le ha drogado y jamás tendrá que hacerlo. Tiene y tengo amigos que hoy en día se siguen medicamente drogándose para ser ‘normales’. Pero esto no ayuda a nadie porque los problemas siguen estando solo que haces que el resto no se dé cuenta. Las lentes Chromagen en 3 años le habían curado, son un milagro. Las peleas tontas en casa y en colegio pararon con los profesores, la vida se hizo mucho más increíble.

Como mi hermana que siempre ha sacado la mejor nota se ha graduado con títulos especiales pero para ella las gafas le hacen todo más cómodo, puede trabajar más horas delante del ordenador y no se le cansan los ojos.

Mi madre es un milagro, ella es Disléxica como yo pero ella ah hecho toda su vida sin la ayuda de Chromagen y no sé como lo ha hecho. La admiro por ser lo increíble que es. Ella con las gafas empezó a ver 3D. Me acuerdo como un día íbamos conduciendo y paro el coche. Se puso a mirar por las gafas y sin ellas a mirar la luna y de repente nos dijo – la luna no es plana! Ella no se dio cuenta que todo es 3D, se pudo a mirar los arboles y todo. Por eso creo yo que pinta tan bien, porque lo ve todo plano y ahora cuando pinta hace cosas con las gafas y otras sin para cambiar su perspectiva. Es increíble cómo funcionan para cada persona de manera distinta.

Estas lentes Chromagen, te cambiaran TU vida. Estudios demuestran que 1 de 4 personas las necesitan.

Si estás leyendo esto y tu o tus hijos tienen algún problema –  te ruego que pruebes las LENTES CHROMAGEN. Cada día encontramos algo nuevo en lo que ayuda. Cree a tus hijos si te dicen algo no siempre hay que hacer caso a los profesores y hablo de experiencia. Hay veces que es más fácil creer a los demás que a tus propios hijos. Si te dicen que no entienden algo o que no lo ven – igual es porque de verdad no te entienden y no lo ven.

La mayoría de las cosas que hacemos se basan en la ayuda de los ojos para ver, coordinar, comer, estudiar, hablar, entender, protección, etc. Entonces hace mucho sentido para mí el hecho de que si solucionamos como nos llega la información al cerebro entonces solucionamos todos nuestros problemas.

Todos nos merecemos una oportunidad. Yo he tenido padres que me han apoyado toda mi vida y aun así sin las gafas no creo que hubiera ido a la universidad pero gracias a ellos y a las gafas, soy yo. Soy más que feliz.

Te ruego que creas y que las pruebes. No pierdes nada, solo puedes ganar!

Es algo en lo que inviertes una vez y te sirve toda la vida. Te cambiara la vida, te salvara.

Las lentes Chromagen han ayudado a muchísimas personas y te pueden ayudar a ti también. Yo no gano nada, solo quiero dejar que otras personas no sufran como yo sufrí y muchos otros que conozco.

Te pido que creas en ti, en tus hijos, eres increíble y nunca lo dudes!


Si tenéis alguna pregunta, no dudéis en llamar: 625124762

Ayúdame a ayudarte a ti.

me and diss posterYo con 21 años, presentando mi disertación – gracias a las lentes Chromagen.

My learning difficulties experience. Dyslexia. The solution exists – Chromagen lenses saved my life!


Since I can remember school hasn’t come easy to me, however still I always loved it because I love to learn and socialise.

School has always been so much harder for me. When my friends had finished their homework at the age of 5 even younger (very easy and basic things) I still was struggling to understand and I wouldn’t let my self not do it. I would sit there for hours with my parents helping me, extra schoolteachers till I got it. My parents would insist on me to stop working that I should play or go to bed; however I never would give up until I had it done and understood.

I thought I was very intelligent but I couldn’t understand how for most of my friends it came so easy while I struggled so much. So then I started to think that I must have been stupid, that was the only explanation I could find…

The schools would tell my parents that I was stupid, that I was doing this on purpose (failing, getting distracted, reading double, etc.), that I was doing it for attention; they even question how we were at home.

My parents have always seen how much effort I put into everything I do so they never believed what people told them. My parents got my school to do an IQ test on me and I got a result of over 120 at the age of 6 while being bilingual in 2 languages which equalised to an IQ of over 140. Basically meaning that I was very smart and that the school was at wrong for blaming me for my difficulties.

The first thing I ever read was a t-shirt I was wearing and I read it in the mirror. My parents were in shock. From there we went to discover that I was Dyslexic.

I would re-read sentences, invert letters, have very bad coordination, shy, in my bubble (people used to ask my mom if I was mad)… I was still though a very happy and social little girl with my friends from school and people that I knew. I have always been a social butterfly.

I started going to courses to train me how to see better, I got prescription glasses to see better which actually only made me dizzy so I stopped using those. Until much later when I actually currently need them. LOL

Nothing ever helped me. I hated how hard everything was for me, I would have tutors every summer since I was so young just because I wouldn’t accept failing.

My grandfather in Marbella reading an English newspaper found an article about these lenses that had been found to help not only colour blinds but also dyslexic people. He immediately sent this article to us. I had given up to be honest, but my parents never did. So my mom and I got on the first flight to the UK to a go check these glasses out – Chromagen lenses.

My life restarted the moment I got my combination!

I did the test and suddenly everything made sense to me. At 9 years old I started to read. I saw what I never knew before. I saw the letters stick to the page! My explanation to my mom was – before the letters were at recess, however now they are in class. Meaning they were all over the place before and I couldn’t keep track of them where as by putting the glasses on they were there, obedient, in the right order not making me confused by constantly shifting places. This was great!

I believed in me again!

I couldn’t just go home with this for me so I insisted my mom to bring this home and share it with all the other kids that need it just as much as I did and do. And my mommy did! She’s awesome. Its been hard and allot of people don’t believe in it, but you have to see to believe I guess.

With my glasses, I still needed help don’t get me wrong its not like from the night to the morning I was solved. I still went to extra classes but I could do it. I got it. I never failed again. I always passed. It was still always a bit harder for me… But I was me again. I believed in me. I came out of my bubble (No one now would ever say that I am shy I don’t think). I started jumping with my horse, playing sports, went to university and I have just graduated doing a BSc (Hons) in Animal science with zoo and companion animals. I also did a great dissertation that is unique – ‘Comparing the cognitive ability of pigs at different ages and sexes through the use of clicker training’ – which received a 1st class grade, It was published in an article by The Pig world in the UK and I was also interviewed on the radio by BBC Essex. I always wear my glasses not because I need them any more but because I feel more comfortable with them when I drive, watch TV, work on the computer or study.

I am so happy my parents believed in me, I know for some people it is hard to believe that a colour lens – Chromagen lenses – can change your life so much. It sounds and looks ridiculous. But if there is something I can vouch for is they are and were my salvation and my brothers. They even benefit my sister whom has always been N1 in her everything.

The school wanted to drug my brother because he is Hyperactive – my parents refused and took him out of the school. A year later or so we found Chromagen and my mom tried them on my brother. The results were extraordinary!

He said that for him it was like looking straight at a light that is very close, so it hurts your eyes that is why you are constantly moving and as soon as he put the glasses on he could see, his eyes relaxed and adapted. He then went changing his combination as his eyes were regulating and getting better till he no longer needed them anymore. If you meet him now you would never have known he was ever hyperactive.

Were as I have friends that to the day still are pharmaceutically and by prescription drugging themselves, so to ‘be normal’. Does this make sense? I think not.

These lenses will change YOUR life. 1 out of 4 people need them. Believe in yourself. Believe in your child. Don’t always believe what you are told believe what you see. For some it’s easier to believe that your child is lying to you than that they actually have a visual problem. Please think twice. No one wants to fail on purpose, or get their parents angry… they’re probably just not seeing it write.

You get something once and you are cured for a lifetime. They are so worth it I have no words.

There are so many kids, adults, friends that are out there that need them as much as I did and do. The younger you get it the better it is, however its never too late 🙂

It just has to get out there more, people have to believe and help as much as I want to help you.


Chromagen lenses


Have a look on the web – it’s worth a try.. you don’t loose anything the opposite, you will gain.


Me at 9 years young, just starting to use Chromagen!

me and diss poster

This is me at 21 years young presenting my Dissertation poster in my last year of university – thanks to Chromagen lenses!.


It’s happening before our eyes… Its time to act!

Between war, pollution, overpopulation and deforestation we may not be here another day…       

We are exterminating our world, our beautiful planet that has given YOU existance! Therefore how is it fair that our planet gives us so much and instead of cherishing it, we are exterminating it. This means that you are exterminating yourself too.    

Most people say… it doesn’t matter as the changes, the problems, the impacts will happen when we no longer exist… But wait, its happening NOW. 

It’s gonna all happen to us, to our kids and grandkids unless we change our mentality and ways now!         


We go to countries and fight, cause trageties, kill thousands of innocent people. They then want revenge so they come to us to do the same, to send a message. 

It has become a vicious circle.

What no one wants to see is that what just hapened in france, is probably happening daily in many other parts of the world, such as Siria. Thousands of inocent lives, kids, womyn, families, all killed for what?! Being in the wrong place? Money, Petrol, Religion…!? Is it justifiable!? fair? 

NO, the answer is NO. 

  (less religion and more education) 

What do they teach you at school? To use your words, not your fists! So what we get older and we jut stop being correct, being humane!?    

                                                          Humans all in all, are all equal. No matter shape, size, colour or religion. We all breath, have blood, think, speak, … 

We say we live in the world of the free, but how is it free if we judge others? if we are offended for what others believe! And even kill for this! 

If I want to worship a shoe for example, no one has the right to tell me not to and even less hurt me for not believing the same as you. 

Humans make a big mistake, which is classifying, generalising and judging.  

I keep seeing all over FB, people saying muslims and islams are all terrorists, people saying to kill them all, I have even read people say we should put them in concentration camps! WTF! 

These are humans we are talking about! Living beings! and you cant generalise! 

For example, You wouldn’t consider all white people to be rapists just because some have done it, would you?! So then how is it fair to blame a whole religion, country… There is good and bad everywhere.

People must understand this, must stop being so closed minded, so extreme and horrible. They are equally as scared as you are probably. They have family being killed too by forces from our countries. 

None of this is correct. Everyone says its very hard to change peoples mentality, however if everyone stops to think for a second i dont think its that hard. what does everyone want? To live right? to be happy?! 

I see it very clear! The world should combine these gol’s for a better, a world were we talk and discuss not fight and torture others for our benefit. 

We have reached a point where we either all join together for a better or fight and die. Doesn’t living and thriving sound like such a better idea?! 

My belief, my religion is equality! love, passion, compassion.. Making a difference. Doing good for other, caring for our planet and for everything and everyone that inhabits it! not just the human race.

I believe with technology and society people have forgot to think about morals, right and wrong. Killing is bad, no matter what. we all just get so carried away with life, kids, work, ideas that we do things without even realising. Like contaminating, being greedy, going to war for reasons that those who are fighting could probably not even tell you. Everything has turned into a blurr. 

All these movies that come out, dont you ever think they are a message? (Chloe and Theo, Interstellar, 2012, etc.) Don’t you ever think this is whats happening?! But we are all so happy living in lala land that no one even considers it to be true. 

But facts are, the poles are melting, water levels are rising, food and water is diminishing, pollution is increasing, space is decreasing, more animals become extinct every day…. 

Take Madrid for instance, my home. It is so polluted that you can see a brown cloud above and around the city of madrid due to the vast amount of pollution. 


A couple weeks ago I saw an image of Indonesia with very poor conditions due to pollution, where their air, their oxygen is not clear, the opposite, so polluted people have to walk around with masks so not damage their bodies more, there being so many people that there are not enough masks for all… 

Did you know we need to breath to survive!? 

Seeing this, such a powerful image killed me inside, because people don’t care. They are so carried away with their lives.. They don’t stop to think the harm of the things they are doing, so many times without even realise we are doing it. 


However, its never to late! 

My mom used to always tell me: Never say never and everything is possible. And i believe, now more than ever. 

We are human beings for fuck sake! The smartest animal alive, or so we say we are.. So lets start acting like it! 

Finding out this week about Madrid, shocked me. 

I never imagined this in my wildest dreams, never imagined this happening to my home. But it is. 

Cars are not allowed to park in the city unless they live their, so to reduce pollution. Cars and undergrounds are the methods of transport used, to reduce pollution. This is good! its a start! a bit late but its happening. 

Maybe this will make people realise its not that far away, it’s not in 100years, it’s today! 

Cars and other methods of transport are not the only things polluting our world, so lets start acting before it really is to late, before we cant breath… before we kill ourselves and everything that surrounds us.

We can’t let one species kill it all. We are smarter than that! 

Its time for a change. Its time to act and make a difference. its time to stop fighting and time for all of us to join up for a better, forget about race, religion… and think about life. Existing. 

Everyones priority and goal should be to Exist. For us, animals and the world to Exist and thrive. 

Lets all join up and use our heads to come up with non harmful alternatives for everything. To reduce pollution, make salt water into drinkable water, use only renewable energy, control population, etc. There is so much we can do, we just have to start! 


Coming together for a better – rethinking. We’re just doing things wrong…  

ok so i’ve just had a really interisting discusaion on fb and with my family and friends and i have to say i have reached another thought.. The world should provide free abortion and birth conception to whomever desries it so that no unwanted kids are brought up into this world. Nowadays everyone works more, were not stuck at home breeding. But we are pollutiong allot. This we must stop. But we are overpopulated and this must be controled too. Last year spain passed a law that said girls are not allowed to abort and if they do they will go to jail, even if raped and if they do abort they will get double the sentence compared to the guy that raped her. A bit backward huh!? We have to help develop 3rd world countries, develop natural resources so that not all our income is going on electricity, petrol.. We have beautiful natural respurces that once installed are free for life. It may be costly at the begining but the same as a new iPhone, a couple years down te road its half price. This way governments and us can focus on the essentials needed to survive. To focus on stoping global worming, reduce pollution, all the gases produced by livestock that are so much more harmful than cars. Being sustainable again. We can do it but we have to be smart and come together. Everyones opinion matters, and opens peoples minds to things they havent even considere before – i include myslef.

This might sound a bit extreem to you, but it needs to happen… We can’t keep looking the other way as if nothings happening to our world! 

Hey people! For the last year or more I have been saying that we all have to stop breedibg so much! Start following chinas footsteps! but weight their changing their laws!!!!???? WTF. The fact that china is changin its law i find to be completly rodiculous. Its one of the most overpopulated countries, this is the reason why this law came into place! Did you know this is the 21st century? Condoms, birth control, the day after pill? being smart.. there are a lot of remedies for unwanted children as well as for having kids when you are too young! we dont need to have 10kids  as we did before! Today we live in a world that can’t sustain it self. We are currently around 7.5billion people inhabiting this planet! We are already overpopulating the world, we dont have enough space for us to live, to grow crops for us and for the farm animals we eat as well as land to keep these animals plus all the other animals that are wild and not farmed which also have the same right as we do to live. Becouse of us there might not even be a tomorrow, if we dont act NOW… there will be nothing for other animals or us.  By 2050 there will be over 9.5billion people inhabiting this planet!!! Really??? Do you think thats right? we will be living, if at all, in tall buildings, fields and nature will be something you reminise and tell your kids about, the only animals you will see will be in zoos perhaps and online. Farms will be in 20story buildings… the amount of problems this brings are uncountable. Pollution from cars, factories, sprays, animals.. Did you know that ruminants belching, farm animals manure and feceas are worse than the pollutants produced by vehicles?!!! But no everyone must eat meat 3times a day or more because its sooo good for you! its not! its bad for your circulatory system, life expectancy, pollution…  There are so many factors to think about!   but this is why im writing beacuse i believe that we must control our breeding population. I believe the hole world should be restricted to ONE CHILD PER COUPLE/PERSON. NOW. Dont get me wrong I want 2 kids, i grew up with a brother and it was awesome! But if we all think about our selves there will be nothing in the end. We have to go back. All the problems we face now have occurwd in the last hundreds of years. its never too late, we can change it, save it. We just have to start acting, doing and especially geting our heads out off our ass and stop being so self centred.